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Services Offered by Cruise Ship Staffing Agencies

Cruise line recruitment agencies are similar to temp agencies that help connect prospective employees with employers who are in need of their services. Agents and agencies are sometimes a more direct path to the cruise lines because they have been prepped on the specific number and types of jobs available for the cruise line they represent.

Many cruise ship recruitment agents work directly for a cruise line company and it is there job to procure them the talent and employees that cruise line need. These agents screen, interview and in some cases provide training for open positions. Recruitment agents often attend college campuses looking for young, enthusiastic workers who want to make good money. Sometimes they conduct Job Fairs to keep an eye open for recruitment agents and cruise ship employers.

Cruise Ship Staffing Agencies offer following Services

  • Pre-screening candidates to assess suitability mainly through personal interviews – verify not only their education and work experience credentials but also assess personality, attitude, communications, temperament and fitness
  • Administering Marlin’s online English language test
  • Preparing complete documentation and doing referral checks
  • Briefing sessions with candidates regarding the jobs, life on board, how to achieve a successful client interview and visa interview
  • Setting up interviews according to clients requirements – managing interview scheduling, setting up proper interview venues and video presentation facilities
  • Post-interview follow ups for confirmations and subsequent per-departure processing.
  • Coordinating between the client and the employee with regard to the letters of offer and letter of employment (LOE)
  • Assistance for acquiring police clearance, seaman’s books and STCW certifications
  • Assisting with medical clearance procedures and following up for medical problems until clearance has been obtained; liaising between client and employee for clearance of long term medical cases
  • Will be given instructions for how to make appointments and assisting with documentation for US C1D visas and other visas
  • Making travel arrangements to ensure the employee reaches his joining port on schedule
  • Providing air tickets at specially contracted rates
  • Tracking crew movement through the client’s dedicated Crew member Management Systems