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Benefits of Cruise Ship Staff Enjoying Over Those in a Land-Based Job

The cruise industry is the most rapidly growing segment of the hospitality industry with newer and larger ships joining the total cruise line fleet every year. On many cruise ships the crew totals over 1,000 people and there are generally three or even four passengers to every crew member. It’s a lot of bodies – from many different backgrounds – in a relatively small space. Cruise companies employ workers from over 50 nationalities on short 6 to 9 months renewable contracts, so there is a constant movement of personnel on cruise ships and a recurring need for new staff to replace those on leave or those who do not renew their contracts.

We can list down number of benefits that cruise ship staff enjoying over those in a land base job.

  • Attractive tax-free dollar earnings
  • Free stay, unlimited free meals, exciting free travel, free uniform & laundry, free medical expenses – in short, almost a free ride!
  • Maximum savings potential – to start their own business or put down a deposit on a new car or home in just a few years
  • Short contracts ensure that they are back home on vacation every 7-9 months
  • Regular assessments, training programs and speedy promotions to fill internal vacancies
  • Fantastic international work environment with regular guest interaction
  • Travel the world and visit exotic destinations
  • Opportunity to learn new cultures, meet new people
  • Best way to build their resumes, adding the professional experience of large-scale operations