Crew Management

Crew Management Services in Sri Lanka.

We provide crew management services to a number of world’s largest shipping lines and our crew management operations exceed requirements in the TMSA guidelines and strive to provide high quality personnel. Ceyline Shipping was the first crew recruitment and crew management company in Sri Lanka to be certified according to the ILO Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) by DNV.

Crew management not only focuses on recruitment but on its planning, engagement, development, and retention. Our workforce encompasses experienced crew co-ordinators and superintendents as well as HR, finance, payroll, training and marketing professionals.

Over the years Ceyline Shipping has built a solid and reliable relationship with our customers, which includes both small and medium ship owners/ managers as well as world’s largest shipping lines in the global maritime industry.

Ceyline Shipping Crew Management Services
Ceyline Shipping Crew Management Services


Ceyline Shipping Ltd has been providing quality sea farers to some of the best Ship Managers and Ship Owners in the World since 1985. This wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of crew management has made Ceyline the number one crew management company in Sri Lanka.

Our organizational structure and operational model ensures that all our stakeholder interests are protected and satisfied, at all times.

Ceyline Shipping being the best crew manning and ship management agency in Sri Lanka, monitors the changing environment on behalf of ship owners and provides an optimum service to its clients. Client-led approach; top quality; efficient services; transparent communication and long-term relationship are the core values of Ceyline Shipping.